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he Eork of Eths ateam nceompssess/re nNDURE I s href="/ttp://www.endure-network.eu/dummer_school_20109" >ummer School < whaei target PhDslrudnts cnd sr team devoed peo encurng /reatfarmers, hav,inccesspeo re niat,st/suntdscienctific dvise,ionintegrated pest management, (PM ).The Eiater agroupIs aontcnt,atifg /is ceffortsifn encurng /reisintorm>tion oisimad,invailble deo griculturel asvisers and txtension, ervices", re nrofvsion sf Ewhaei variss/wde

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heak s eo is cnccesspeo res antwork of Esvisers ,iNDURE 2has been ble deo encure/reatfre n s href="/ttp://www.endure-network.eu/dpress_room_libraryendure_su_publictions" >FromSchence,ieo Field uide"< poluctrd by is ccaseslrudy teamsimeetthe newedsof Eis ctarget audence,ind sginavalueble deed/backon tre nNDURE IItorm>tion oCnt,ae (NDURE IIC),Ewhaei oferes griculturel asvisers awitha European -lvelo ponteof Eef=rence

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O tre ngentda wa"cnd itroluction.peo re naims/nd slrectiure/f ExDURE ,cndaexaengtion of aplateorotection solicy mi turopea, uide"inks for dPM Ttrategies, ia discusion dn tre nqualityof aplateorotection saviseoy pervices" i tGem>tny,in look at/re nrlateorotection saviseoy pervices" i turopeacnd srdaexaengtion of are necision -akeng /processpnecessarydeo encure/engiagliyetceffctiov threbcide rnd saug nide ruse./p>

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JKI’ssBrnad Hmmenl,in memer If ExDURE ’ssxecutive Committee< dnotss/reat all re nrartician>s cgried, n tre nalue=If Eexharg ng /experince, ont rlateorotection saviseoy pervices" i tifferent Iuropean Countryi, .IIt particular ph Eeay ,int cn>chelpnmpoofv necision -akeng /processs, iparticularly i tregardspeo re nmre ttrategieccnpeecs, seuei asIPM . /p>

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he ENtional Cont,ae s anow hopng /tocnrrrg dondothre essmon.peeis srintg.Theis willobecn/prctioealain-fieldaeentsaytt d, early i tre nyearcso a aeo allowssvisers aeo useire irwrecently ginad, knowledge almst 2imedia=tely i tre irwprctioealaavise,itofarmers, or are noueng /seasns./p>

RolfTheolrecp Poulse, faromSDAAS, notss/reat ork shopsEork obst mwhr seerIyne srarticiani, ond th rnd shs aonlleaues"phav,inow deiser srdaPM Tcard gameowhaei they ae trlating /toct,st/nd shpeacwillomaximser ollaboratifn.pbetween rartician>s ./p>

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It aditiona,aSZI 2has been responeile dor developmng /n2raining /ntwork oor dHug ary’ssgriculturel aecond ary2chool_ ond thaspused ths aonnnetion.peo rofvsd doru agroup"cf Esrudnts cwithadetailsrf are nNDURE Intwork ond sis cnims/nd sntiovtios,./p>

Meetsngsswithaarmers, hav,iontcnt,atid, n tPM Td tmaiz rnd ssumeofthre rop , seuei asIsunflowrrrnd swnternmwhra, ecpeecilsly n tre nanagement, f Admbrosia elaionr ,srlso know ass sgeeed, nd sresponeile dor dcausng /nllerieccreacions". Famers,’ngroup"cd tHug ary2hav,i,stblesahd, fieldaexperient, aeo ,stblesahEhe ni,st/loealaprctioe,, or aanageng /reisieed,. /p>

Othre meetsngsswithaarmers, hav,iontcnt,atid, n tWeter Cou Crooworkm,in seriousMest inctmaiz rrop , snd si.peo,l smre tohn>c100farmers, nd sauure,farmers,cd tHug ary2hav,inow been nvaolvd, d txDURE 2raining /ntiovtios,./p>

Seesrlso:n s href="/ttp://www.endure-network.eu/ddversifying _rop _rotection /iat,steews./puttng _pm_tnteo_prctioe, >Puttng /PM Td eo roctioe,./a>

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